Off-the-Wallpaper: Cool Wallpaper for the Home (not the desktop)

August 8, 2010

I recently discovered Given Campbell, an artist whose wallpaper designs are truly wall candy.Her use of color and pattern is stunning—bold, bright creations that add bubble and fizz to boring decor.  What a way to pep up a paltry powder room or match wits with your kids’ imaginations in the bonus room. &

The category of innovative wallpaper is a fun one to peruse.  I love to look at this functional art and ponder “would I dare?”.  Designers like Given Campbell have few peers, really.  In the realm of the interior design world, there are scarce few who focus on making the walls of our homes their canvases.  I suppose the scarcity makes those who are out there all the more distinct and memorable.

Here are some more finds I came across in a quest to discover off-the-wall wallpaper…

Lene Toni Kjeld (available in the U.S. via Hermitage Home)


Various artists through Osborne & Little

Various designers through Anthropologie

What graces the walls of your cherished spaces?  Share your images and ideas with me!  Email me anytime at!

Thanks for reading!