Off-the-Wallpaper: Cool Wallpaper for the Home (not the desktop)

August 8, 2010

I recently discovered Given Campbell, an artist whose wallpaper designs are truly wall candy.Her use of color and pattern is stunning—bold, bright creations that add bubble and fizz to boring decor.  What a way to pep up a paltry powder room or match wits with your kids’ imaginations in the bonus room. &

The category of innovative wallpaper is a fun one to peruse.  I love to look at this functional art and ponder “would I dare?”.  Designers like Given Campbell have few peers, really.  In the realm of the interior design world, there are scarce few who focus on making the walls of our homes their canvases.  I suppose the scarcity makes those who are out there all the more distinct and memorable.

Here are some more finds I came across in a quest to discover off-the-wall wallpaper…

Lene Toni Kjeld (available in the U.S. via Hermitage Home)


Various artists through Osborne & Little

Various designers through Anthropologie

What graces the walls of your cherished spaces?  Share your images and ideas with me!  Email me anytime at!

Thanks for reading!

The Start of the Line for DesignVine

January 9, 2010

Welcome to post #1 of DesignVine, a connecting point for people who want practical, inspirational information about products for home and garden, building materials, as well as remodeling and design trends.

I’m Irene Williams.  For 12  years, I’ve been involved in the home products and building materials industries as a PR and marketing professional.  For 2 years, I’ve also been a home and garden columnist and design blogger.  And before I ever earned a penny in these categories, I spent many, many pennies on them—ravenously purchasing shelter publications, trying out products, investing in furnishings, appliances and décor.

With my 360° view, I’ve seen a real need for all us consumers (yes, we’re all consumers!) to not only have access to undiluted, honest information about products and trends but to have a forum that lets us share our own experiences.

DesignVine is that forum.

Here, we’re going to present news and views and then open it up to YOU to tell us the truth.  What products are great?  What trends need to end?  No PR spin.  No advertising angles.  No sponsored praise.

Sure, we’ll show lots of pretty pictures.  We’ll hear from manufacturers and designers.  And we’re gonna dream and scheme.  Yet most importantly, we’re all gonna have a voice on the Vine, to seek-share-give-receive inspirations and information.