Furniture Shopping – Where We Go to Purchase

March 15, 2010

According to that handy lil’ poll to the right, many of us are still going to furniture stores to buy—what else, but—furniture!  As of this writing, 59% of respondents buy their home furnishings at designated retail locations.

18% state department stores as their preferred sources, while online and consignment tied at 9%.  Catalogs hold the goose egg, while the nondescript “other” logs in at 5% (and though nobody specified, I’m pretending the 5% represent artisans who craft their own furniture!).

One of my dear friends who took the poll proclaimed she and her husband went “everywhere” when selecting their home furnishings.  And that’s the thing:  they went.  When selecting the items on which we’ll dine, recline or intertwine, we have a desire to touch, feel, scope and experience it.  Nobody wants to invest in a sofa that “looks comfortable;” we want to know it is comfortable.

What’s your furniture acquisition process?  Do you sleuth online, collect catalogs and then head out to the store to get the 3-dimensional perspective.  Do you drive to every furniture-selling store in town, trying not to make eye contact with ravenous sales people as you test-sit every sofa or dining chair in the place?

When I did a total revamp of my home decor, I proved to be a dual track shopper.  I’m keen on online shopping, so I started there…searching, bookmarking sites, printing out beloved findings.  And, oh, the dog-earring of catalogs that occurred!  One would’ve thought I was prepping for a Pottery Barn dissertation, what with the visibly worn volumes I kept nearby at all times.

Yet when it came time to purchase, I scoured every store in a 12 zip code area.  I work from home and friends tease me about how I rarely leave my zip code, but “furniture quest” had me putting miles on the car in search of the perfect pieces for my cherished abode.  I went everywhere.

So what’s your story?  Please—share your stories, thoughts, ideas and finds on the ‘Vine!