Walmart Hometrends Collection: Would You Purchase?

March 16, 2010

Fine home décor from the Mart of Wal?

The news is out and so are the products.  Walmart has launched “Hometrends,” a new collection of home décor and accents.  Hometrends offers mix and match selections by room, with a leaning toward modern styling and more trendy materials, themes and colors.

Though the line is fashion-focused, the retailer in question is Walmart.  Thus, the price is  really the point.  Starting costs range from $11 for rugs and $39.96 for bedding sets to $35 for dinnerware sets and $3 for placemats. offers an interactive room decorator tool, and while online pricing is set, word is that Walmart stores will honor competitor’s pricing on identical items.  So keep those Sunday circulars if you plan to check out Hometrends.

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StyleDrain® Designs by California Faucets

January 25, 2010

From the “I didn’t know I couldn’t live without” files…

Check out these new California Faucets StyleDrain Designs.  Frankly, the drain in the shower is not necessarily tops on most of our lists of must-obsess-over items for our dream bathrooms.  A drain is functional and forgettable, right?

That’s what I thought until I saw these artful accoutrements, so attractive they may inspire a reordering of priorities.

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