StyleDrain® Designs by California Faucets

From the “I didn’t know I couldn’t live without” files…

Check out these new California Faucets StyleDrain Designs.  Frankly, the drain in the shower is not necessarily tops on most of our lists of must-obsess-over items for our dream bathrooms.  A drain is functional and forgettable, right?

That’s what I thought until I saw these artful accoutrements, so attractive they may inspire a reordering of priorities.

What do you think?  Click above to let everyone on the DesignVine know if you think these drains are “divine” or “not so much.”

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2 Responses to StyleDrain® Designs by California Faucets

  1. stephanie says:

    hmmm….not too sure yet what i think about these. definately much better looking than the ordinary drains! but now they call attention to the drain, which, like you said, usually gets overlooked and is forgettable. but i think ill give them a thumbs up, maybe they’ll just have to grow on me 🙂 thanks for the great post, ill jump over to their site and check them all out!


  2. We do a lot of bathroom remodels. While drains are a utilitarian need, they don’t have to be ugly. It’s nice to know that even the small details can now match the design concept. Thumbs up!

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